What’s Going On Mr Kerridge?

For years you have abused your position as the face of the SPCA in this country to deliberately mislead and delude the NZ public about the nature of the American Pit Bull Terrier.


Your comments, made very publicly (and described by an ex-insider of your branch as a “pathological hatred” of the breed) are nothing short of scurrilous.


In your position – where you must almost certainly know better – your proactive demonisation of the breed is nothing short of criminal. In fact we would go so far as to say that your behaviour is a form of wanton animal abuse as you must realise what sort of nutters are brought to our breed as a direct result, and the suffering and deaths that inevitably ensue.


If you don’t know any better then it is time you retired and were replaced by someone who can keep up with the play.


Could this just be a personal attack on you by a breed fancy that resents your attacks on our breed?  Maybe.


Perhaps you can explain why members of your own staff are rescuing ‘the type’ from your certain death policy.  Or why SPCAs around the country are saving them and placing them instead of killing them as you would decree?


Seems you’re losing your grip.  Seems you aren’t able to convince your own troops of your ‘righteousness’ in the matter when your own front desk reception has a ‘pit bull’ in situ.


Seems you are losing your grip when our own fosterers around the country are taking in examples of ‘the type’ offered by other SPCA branches for safe rescue and placement.  They know the truth too, or they wouldn’t be saving them and giving them to us and others.


Granted, you still have some ignominious friends in the likes of Val Ball – Wairarapa SPCA – who took a pit bull bitch, killed her 2 day old litter immediately and despite our offer of sanctuary killed her within 2 days of that offer despite having no valid reason.  My intel is that it is you and she who are the dying breed.


Ball’s pathetic reason for killing this sad, non-aggressive, puppy-milled and abused young dog:

The precaution was taken of taping the conversation with Val Ball re this dog, in which she admitted this bitch had never offended to the best of her knowledge, was showing no signs of behavioural problems, no life-threatening medical condition aside from a vaginal discharge – quite normal in a bitch which has just whelped – and had not had any temperament tests carried out

Ball did, however, show a marked prejudice against the pit bull type, and gave the distinct impression that this dog would never leave her facility alive – irrespective of Cadwallader’s advice/request that she should not kill her.  A law unto herself plainly.

Despite the many studies, qualified opinions and reported experiences from recognised rescues all over the world, you persist with your misinformation campaign and your wicked attempt to make dogs suffer simply for having a particular look about them.

Whilst the SPCA and RNZSPCA are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of donors money to send their staff on junkets around the world, to venues such as the NO KILL Conference, once back in New Zealand it is ‘business as usual’ while your facility, Ball’s, and on good authority the Far North District Council’s pound run by Sue Dennis’ Opourere Kennels, continue to kill anything remotely pit bull whether they deserve it or not..

The world has changed, Mr Kerridge, the truth is out.  You, and the last of your ilk, have some explaining to do.

Karen Batchelor

American Pit Bull Terrier Association Inc