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Death Row Dog’s Family Fight for his Life

Breed Specific Legislation in Action: Death Row Dog’s Family Fight for his Life  This incredibly sad and bad situation is typical of the terrible effects of BSL, not unlike that of a Mastiff X puppy being walked in a New York park and accused by an ignorant animal control officer of being a Pit Bull.  For 12 years his […]

Update from Kylie Chivers

Repercussion’s of the Supreme Court Ruling Chivers Vs Gold Coast City Council’s Gold Coast City Council and the Hon Minister Desley Boyle set to Kill all American Staffordshire terriers and set Pit bull terriers free. Are the American Staffordshire terrier and the American Pit Bull terrier one breed or are they two different breeds of […]

What’s Going On Mr Kerridge?

For years you have abused your position as the face of the SPCA in this country to deliberately mislead and delude the NZ public about the nature of the American Pit Bull Terrier.   Your comments, made very publicly (and described by an ex-insider of your branch as a “pathological hatred” of the breed) are nothing […]

Are Pit Bulls Inherently Dangerous?

Of course we say no.  You’d expect that from the breed’s association.   So think for yourself.   We all know how easily and often Pit Bulls are stolen.  How do you steal what Brian Neeson* described as a mindless vicious killer?  And why would you want to?   * Neeson – National MP at the time (which was […]

Animal Rescue Best Practice

The links provided here point to Brent Toellner’s KC Dog Blog.   Brent has exhaustively researched the policies and practices of rescue organisations, both genuine and not so genuine including SPCAs, HSUS, PETA and legislators proposing various changes to animal welfare laws that vary from positive to disastrous.   His findings deserve attention from all […]

American Pit Bull Terrier Association Incorporated

The purpose of this website is to identify and preserve the last of the genuine Pit Bulldogs in New Zealand and give a clear overview of the bloodlines available and the kennels that their forebears have come from. Also, to make the buyer aware of the difference between the real deal and the ‘pavement special’. […]