Are Pit Bulls Inherently Dangerous?

Of course we say no.  You’d expect that from the breed’s association.


So think for yourself.


We all know how easily and often Pit Bulls are stolen.  How do you steal what Brian Neeson* described as a mindless vicious killer?  And why would you want to?


* Neeson – National MP at the time (which was after Koro Dinsdale was tragically killed by one of his pig dogs – reported to be Pit Bulls but later retracted by the media) who lobbied with his co-offenders Christine Fletcher & Maurice Williamson – also National party MPs – for Breed Specific Legislation or BSL.


If Pit Bulls are such unpredictably violent and uncontrollable animals as reported with the usual hysterical media hype, how is it that the ‘pit’ is in fact a pen with sides just 30 inches high?  Why aren’t they fighting in a steel cage…by themselves?


In fact, there are 5 humans in the pit with the combatants at the outset of every contest: the referee, two cornermen and two handlers.   The referee and handlers get to stay there for the duration which can mean hours.


Where are they on your plastic surgeon’s gurneys?  Or the punters at pitside, just a 30 inch jump away?


Let us assure you that dog fighting is alive and well in New Zealand, just as it is around the world and is in fact on the increase – again thanks to the hype.  So why do we not see bulk numbers of victims arriving at hospital after one of these ‘ticking time bombs with teeth’ goes off with so many available victims?


Because it doesn’t happen.


A pit dog who bites his handler is a dead pit dog.  You have to be able to trust your dog to have eyes only for his opponent.  Man biters are culled as a result.  If that isn’t culling for temperament…what is?


They have been culled for any sign of human aggression for hundreds of generations, and that is why they earned the title of nanny dog when it came to humans and their children…before they gained infamy via media and political hype designed to use them as the scapegoats to justify BSL.


Why did the media and politicians so abuse a breed already so abused?


Because they were easy meat.


They were the ideal sucker punch.


You have to give it to the authors of BSL, they were cunning in their marketing ploy.


Instead of openly portraying dog fighting as the cruel and sick abuse that it is, showing the public how appallingly brutalised these animals are and who is doing it to them, they showed the public the shock to normal sensibilities that is the pit.  The horrific injuries, the violence, blood, meat, defecation, urination, evisceration and death.


Instead they said “Look at what these dogs are doing to each other!”


“Imagine what they can do to you”


“Or your kids”


They showed you tired footage of one drug dealer’s dog attacking the local dog catcher – but no matter that it was years old – it had the desired effect.  A dedicated dog doing what was asked of him by his boss…not unlike police dogs to be fair.


And then they put themselves on the pedestal of public good: “Would you like us to ban them?”.


They applied the same recipe wherever you look.  The fighting dogs.  They banned the Pit Bull, Dogo, Fila, Tosa.  Even if those breeds had never offended or even existed in those countries.


Take the United Kingdom for example.  In 1991 Lord Kenneth Baker and his co-offenders passed their Dangerous Dog Act, banning Pit Bulls, Fila, Tosa, and Dogo – as per the prescription – after a child was killed by two Rotweilers.  Go figure!


Since that legislation was passed it has proved impossible to enforce, caused immense suffering to innocent dogs and wasted huge resources sending police door-to-door seizing dogs who have never put a paw wrong.


Back to the U.K., the Metropolitan police report that in the years 2003-2006 they have siezed 38 dogs of ‘the type’.


In 2007 alone that figure shot up to 145, 2008: 450 odd, and last year just under 1500.  How’s it working for them?


Their RSPCA reports an equally exponential increase in the number of complaints from the public reporting youths fighting their dogs in public places.


Since 1991, the incidence of dog attack has increased 79% in London alone, 45% U.K. wide!


Despite their outright ban on the breed, they still have American Pit Bull Terriers, organised dog fights and people turning up at their ERs having been bitten by anything and everything else in greater numbers than ever before.  Why is New Zealand following this prescription for failure?


Worse, they now have the massive problem of the ‘weapon’ or ‘status’ dog as the puppy millers have leapt on the bandwagon and met the market with dogs deliberately bred for aggression, size, colour, or whatever the newbies who don’t know a thing about the true nature of the Pit Bull are looking for to extend their fractured ego.


We have seen the same methodology applied here in New Zealand.


First ban the fighting breeds after manipulating the public with fear.


A prime example of the spin is Peter Dunne – United Future – quoted in the NZ Herald after the Carolina Anderson attack which was used to justify mandatory microchipping – as stating that eight of these kinds of dogs had offended in the space of a year.  EIGHT.


At the time, ACC was reporting that there was a hospital admission a day in this country due to dog attack.  So what breeds were involved in the other 357 incidents?  Why don’t they rate a mention?


Remember, there are an estimated 500-700,000 dogs in this country.  Just ONE put someone in hospital today.


Check out the Science of Fear and how easily we are manipulated and the cost to us and our pets!


Janis Bradley, in her well-researched book “Dogs Bite, But Balloons and Slippers are More Dangerous” showed that you are five times more likely to be struck by lightning than killed by a dog, so where is the need for this degree of obviously unnecessary breast beating about dogs?


Now check out the U.S., Australia, the Netherlands (who have since conceded and repealed BSL in favour of public education and breed neutral ordinances), Italy (as per the Netherlands), Scotland is going that way, Sweden never went there in the first place and today the U.K. is having to answer hard questions as to how they can justify persisting with such an unjustifiably mindles witch hunt which causes such expensive and pointless suffering.


What of the reports from the pollies and dog catchers that this breed offends so hugely…according to their ‘stats’?


The claims have recently been made that Pit Bulls make up only 1.4% of the dog population yet account for 12-18% of the dog bite stats according to the pretender quoted on the day by the media.  Rubbish.


We don’t know how many Pit Bulls there are on the ground today yet we are the breed’s own association.


What we can tell you is that thanks to the militant attitude of the likes of Manukau City Council demanding that their previously law-abiding and honest registered Pit Bull owners de-sex their pets in 4 very short weeks right in the middle of Xmas/New Year have taught those good folk to lie about their breed and think twice about registering their dogs at all.


Ask yourself.  Would you register your Pit Bull as a Pit Bull when you know that councils like Manukau City will target you with impossible to adhere to legislation?  Legislation that demands the castration of your animal within an impossibly short 4 weeks and if you can’t comply sock you with a $3000 fine?  Not likely.


Firstly, Pit Bull owners seldom register their dogs today for fear of the consequences – if they register at all – and secondly it has been well shown that the so-called experts only get it right 25% of the time when guessing at dog breeds so how can such claims as to guilt be made?


Will there be deaths in New Zealand attributed to the dogs transmogrified by the puppy millers (thanks to the hype) into today’s so-called Pit Bull?




The only thing to surprise now is that it isn’t happening already.


Why not?  Because even though humans have done their best to fix what wasn’t broken, dogs – whatever their bloodlines – are still the same easygoing, amenable, sociable and biddable beasties they have always been who have walked alongside us for 12-15000 years of evolution, benefitting us hugely all the way.


In fact there have been only 5 deaths in New Zealand due to dog attack.


The first was in 1969 when a farmer was killed by his working dog.  Next was Koro Dinsdale, followed by a Dunedin woman killed by her Mastiff, a Northland woman killed by Malamutes and a Murupara woman killed by an old Staffie and a Staffie mix (incorrectly reported as Pit Bulls or Mastiffs by the media – we spoke to the owner directly).  Did anyone see the words Pit Bull in that line up?


We believe that BSL is anti-pet legislation and those supporting it need to be voted out of office wherever they rear their ugly ideology.  Google PETA, HSUS, PETAWATCH, Centre For Consumer Freedom for more on that.


Meantime, keep your eye on the ball if your want your children to enjoy the many benefits and the joy of the four-legged member of the family.


We owe them our respect and protection.


We owe them their future.


See Video: Afraid of Me


And From Bless The Bullys