Animal Rescue Best Practice

The links provided here point to Brent Toellner’s KC Dog Blog.


Brent has exhaustively researched the policies and practices of rescue organisations, both genuine and not so genuine including SPCAs, HSUS, PETA and legislators proposing various changes to animal welfare laws that vary from positive to disastrous.


His findings deserve attention from all of those interested in the safe future of our domestic pets, and the professional standards of practice essential to secure that future.


Brent analyses the language and messages behind the status quo, exposes the mindset and mismanagement of shelter managers with unacceptably high kill rates, and describes the steps necessary to take us from euthanasia as a ‘solution’ to the attainable goal of ‘No Kill’.


He blows the whistle on destructive policies that result in high kill rates such as Breed Specific Legislation, Mandatory Spay/Neuter, and the aversive adoption policies and practices of various agencies, inconvenient locales and hours, unwillingness to include volunteer and rescue groups, and failure to proactively present the animals in their care to potential adopters.


Brent’s latest ‘Round up’ is a good place to start:


There is no need to reinvent the wheel in animal welfare

“…takes a long look at mandatory spay/neuter laws and some of the case studies and how these laws lead to the killng of animals, even though that is usually not their intent. But in spite of all of the failures of these laws, many well-meaning animal welfare advocates seem to still want to support it”.


Thinking Like A Retailer

“Ft. Worth continues to have success with their partnership with Petsmart Charities in running adoptions out of the pet store location there”.


All options don’t include “euthanasia”

“…there are more options than killing them now or killing them later. If we’re ever going to end the killing in our nation’s shelters, we need to make killing our last option, and not our first”.



See this link for the growing number of cities and countries ditching the farce that is BSL