American Pit Bull Terrier Dog Breed Information And Facts

One of the most misunderstood dog breeds is the American Pit Bull Terrier. Individuals tend to love the animal or hate it; now and again this is based on involvement in others only gossip.

During the nineteenth century, Bulldogs were crossed with Terriers with expectations of creating a dog with the gameness of the Terrier and the durability of the Bulldog. This combination created a versatile dog which became a favorite of farmers and ranchers in Europe and the United States. Uses for the animal included hunting, moving domesticated animals, protection, and family companionship.

The Pit Bull us a medium sized dog with full developed adults weighing in from twenty-two pounds to potentially one hundred pounds, and stand eighteen to twenty-two inches high. The dog is emphatically assembled and has exceptionally very much defined musculature.

The coat if the Pit Bull Terrier has a glossy sheen, is short yet thick and is smooth yet stiff to the touch. To free the coat of free hair occasionally brush with a firm bristle brush. Also regularly rub down the coat with a chamois fabric to clean the coat as well as buff the glossy shine. The coat hues for the breed can be as straightforward as black or white or a variety of shading combinations.

In spite of the reputation, the Pit Bull breed is one of the most loyal, devoted, good-natured, affectionate dogs available. The animal is to a great degree fun and intelligent with the vitality and enthusiasm for frisbee and ball games.

They are also huge significant others of individuals, and early socialization is expected to teach good manners. With more seasoned kids the dog does extremely well, yet smaller kids don’t blend well with them.

With other animals in the home they do extremely well with ones they were raised with. However, they will indicate aggression to other dogs and smaller animals. Despite the fact that they are extremely defensive of their family, the breed does not make a good guard dog because of their social inclination with individuals.

Pit Bulls are exceptionally active dogs which should be exercised vigorously consistently. Play time of chasing a ball, hiking, catching a frisbee, or running with a mountain bicycle are a portion of the activities that dog flourishes with. If exercised adequately the dog can live in an apartment with no issues. Otherwise, a yard will be required for more exercise time.

Pit Bull ownership is not for everyone, however. The breed has a reputation for being excessively aggressive and in a few urban communities ownership is regulated and even not allowed. This reputation is not necessarily merited, as the dog is not at fault as much as the proprietor. The dogs have a tendency to be aggressive with strange dogs, and they have a high prey drive.

A responsible proprietor who can legitimately care for, train, and exercise them is needed a great dog/proprietor relationship. Vigilance is expected to guarantee the dog does not roam unsupervised and remains on-leash when in public places.

If aggression ever appears toward a human being, which is uncharacteristic, the dog ought to be evaluated by a professional to determine the issue that requirements rectified.


Things You Need to Know About Pit Bulls

Are you looking for answers about Pit Bulls? Whether to adopt one or not? What kind of care do they require? Are Pit Bulls human friendly? Then worry no more because you are at the right page. Here we are presenting most comprehensive yet concise information on these fantastic creatures.

Pit Bulls – That’s not their breed

If wide use of the term Pit Bulls’ got you into thinking that it is a breed of dogs then it’s time for you to look surprised because Pit Bulls is not a breed. It is a general term used for dogs with bulky bodies and square heads. Usually American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and other pit mixes are referred to as pit bulls.

Pit Bulls – Their History

These guys are originally from the UK and were bred for the purpose of blood sports back in 1835. Yes blood sport! But they were pitched against rats and at times against each other. When these dogs immigrated to America they were used mainly in farms, for rescuing or for guarding.

Pit Bulls – Training

Non-control barking is a big problem with your pitbull. Regular dog training and special equipment like collars will help you with this. Dog Barking collar reviews can be very useful in helping you to find Anti Barking collar for your needs.

Pit Bulls – Their Characteristics and temperament

What do you expect from dogs nicknamed as pit bulls? Do you expect them to lazily sit on a door mat waiting for their lunch to be served? Then here is another reason to look surprised, Pit Bulls are powerful, strong and highly energetic dogs popular for their agility. They respond well to human love and care but unfortunately few of their kind do show excessive aggression against humans. So please exercise caution before picking one. A temperament test can help.

Pit Bulls – How to care for them

These dogs aren’t ordinary dogs their superior physical and mental capabilities make them a class apart. You would need to provide a place for them to work out and vent off their energy. Do not over feed them because Pit Bulls gain weight too quickly. Overweight dogs become lazy and restrict themselves to a cosy couch. Apart from this they require periodic brushing and grooming, most of them shed their coats twice a year.

While taking care of Pit bulls experience with other milder breeds comes in handy, after all these dogs were bred to fight so most of them are more aggressive than other varieties. So if you are a first time dog owner do not opt for this one. Children and elderly will not have enough strength to control them either so they may avoid pit bulls too. Babies should never be left alone with any variety or breed what to talk about Pit bulls.


There you go, we almost answered all general questions about Pit Bulls but we are not done yet we would like to address one more burning issue. Internet is ablaze with news of an unfortunate incident involving pit bulls. A three week old baby was left unattended for five whole minutes with three pet pit bulls, the dogs bit the little one. After having read our article I am sure you are in a better position to answer the question about who is to be blamed on your own. Pit Bulls are amazing dogs they are not ordinary dogs you must know how to take care of them before bringing them in your homes.