The purpose of this website is to identify and preserve the last of the genuine Pit Bulldogs in New Zealand and give a clear overview of the bloodlines available and the kennels that their forebears have come from. Also, to make the buyer aware of the difference between the real deal and the 'pavement special'.


Some maintain that all domestic dogs are crossbreeds.  Not so.  Specific breeds came about as a result of selective breeding for desirable traits over many generations (see our Genetics & Heredity section for some fascinating facts about Line Breeding vs. In Breeding).  The resulting breeds are recognised officially by the Federation Cynologique Internationale: except in the case of the unfairly maligned American Pit Bull Terrier. 


The Breed Standard and Conformation pages are helpful for buyers new to the breed. You don't need to read too many APBT pedigrees before you recognise that the breed has been expanding from a definitive beginning with the establishment of a registry of notable breeders and performers and carefully kept records over 100 years in the making.  No dog was more mercilessly culled for undesirable traits than the Pit Bulldog, beginning with any sign of human-targeted aggression.


Nonetheless, most kennel clubs the world over refuse to recognise the American Pit Bull Terrier as anything other than a mixed breed.


Their loss is our gain as long as we respect and protect the bloodlines that have produced the most gentle, loyal and stable family and service dog of all time.


We hope you enjoy your visit.

K-9 handler and Oregon policeman Billy Wells has a canine partner many would not expect - a pit bull. Shaka came to Wells' unit in the Milwaukie Police Department after a series of events changed the death-row dog's life. 
Drug detection dog Popsicle, a Pit Bull, was responsible for sniffing out 1 1/2 tons of cocaine, one of the largest drug busts in ten years of McAllen, Texas’ history at the time